Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interview: Adult Film Star Adrianna Luna

MMAwesome: Here with me is the lovely and dangerous Adrianna Luna, star of such films as Angels of Debauchery 9 and Sauna Girls, and someday soon you might just see her inside an MMA cage. Where are you from and how did you get your start in the adult
film business?
Adrianna: I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I got into the industry on a whim after one of my girlfriends suggested I give it a try. I was stuck in a corporate career I wasn't passionate about and was looking to make a change. I thought she was joking but I took a leap and gave it a try and had and I am still having so much fun with it! I truly love my job and feel very lucky to be doing something I enjoy and look forward to going to work.
MMAwesome: What are your favorite kinds of scenes to film?
Adrianna: I recently started doing more feature films and really enjoy getting to do some acting. It's been a new challenge and a lot of fun to learn lines and act out a character.
MMAwesome: What a pleasant coincidence! I'm still shopping around my script for Rear Naked Poke, which is of course an MMA themed porn that I have written. In fifteen words or less, why are you the best choice for the lead role?
Adrianna: I can kick ass and look sexy while I do it!
MMAwesome: You're hired. Put it on your schedule. Aside from MMAwesome Productions (does not actually exist) who are your favorite people to work with in front of the camera and behind it?
Adrianna: My favorite company to shoot with is Penthouse. I love the whole team there from the crew to the administrative side, they're all so great and make me feel so welcomed. In front of the camera, my favorite male performer is Derrick Pierce. I just love having sex with him and think he's so sexy!
MMAwesome: Let's talk about your other career ambitions. When did you start participating in Crossfit?
Adrianna: I started doing crossfit in August 2011.
MMAwesome: What's your best time for Fran?
Adrianna: I really struggle with pull-ups and have to say it's my weakest movement, so my Rx fran time is a little slower than normal. I'll just say it's sub-8 minutes.
MMAwesome: That's an absolutely respectable time. What other types of training do you do?
Adrianna: I train in muay thai and MMA aside from crossfit. On my rest days I like to stay active with yoga.
MMAwesome: Who are some of your favorite fighters and why?
Adrianna: My favorite UFC fighter is Jon Jones. I think he's an amazing athlete with natural ability. He also has so much potential and has done so much in the sport at such a young age, he's going to be a serious powerhouse for the next few years. I'm also a big fan of Ronda Rousey. She's a bad-ass bitch and I think it's so awesome that she has such a strong judo background. In boxing my favorite is obviously the champ, Manny Pacquiao! The last fight against Bradley was a joke. He's still the champ to me!
MMAwesome: When can we expect to see you in the cage?
Adrianna: I still have to strengthen my grappling game a lot more before taking an mma fight, but I'd love to get my first one in by the end of this year or early next year.
MMAwesome: Which title will you win first: a women's MMA championship or an
AVN award for Femal Performer of the Year?
Adrianna: I'd love to have both in the same year!
MMAwesome: The correct answer is indeed both. Adrianna, you are our big winner today. Thanks for stopping by and playing along!

You can see more of Adrianna and keep up with her workouts on her Tumblr page. Follow her on Twitter @adriannalunaxxx and let her know if you want to volunteer to be her training partner.

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